Managing Your Organization


Only admins have the ability modify organization settings.


You can require team reviews before publishing new tracking plan versions for your workspace.


When enabled, all tracking plan changes must be made on a non-master branch and approved by a set number of approvers on your team before being published.


Setting your workspace Taxonomy allows you to ensure that you have a consistent data structure for your analytics. Iteratively can enforce your configured conventions to ensure that all teams and stakeholders generate consistently-named events and properties, simplifying the consumption of those events and eliminating the need for data cleanup. Iteratively supports common naming conventions and custom regex-based naming conventions.


When creating events and properties in the tracking plan, Iteratively will automatically suggest the proper naming and present a warning if an event is defined in a way that conflicts with your company’s naming convention.

User Management#

While anyone in your organization can invite users the ability to disable or modify existing users is restricted to Admins only. By default when you invite a user to Iteratively they'll have the Editor role.

Invite User

Domain-restricted sign up#

Domain-restricted sign up makes it easy for your colleagues to join your workspace when they sign up, without needing an invite. Once enabled anyone who signs up from your domain address will be given the option to join your workspace. You can enable or disable domain-restricted sign up by contacting Iteratively. Only domains that have verified email address in your workspace can be added.

Roles & permissions#

We offer multiple permissions for user management.

AdminConfigure workspace settings, approve tracking plan changes, and modify the tracking plan.
ApproverApprove tracking plan changes and modify the tracking plan.
EditorModify the tracking plan for approval.
ViewerView the tracking plan and comment.

Modify user details#

You can disable, resend invitation, and change user profile information from within Settings.

User Management